Friday, November 11, 2005

Airplane Meet Walmart; Walmart Meet Airplane

So an airplane crashed into the Manchester Wal-Mart. We've decided he was having radio sex.

"Ah baby, yeah...that's just how I like it...yeah, you should kiss me right there..." static "Ooooh baby. Just picture me licking the inside of your thighs..." static "Yeah, oooh.." static "Yeah, I'm gonna stroke it right like that....yeah that feels soooooo goooodddd..." BAM! There's Wal-Mart!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bobby Soxer

Something interesting:

"Bobby soxer was a term coined in the 1940s to describe the overly zealous, usually teenage, fans of singer Frank Sinatra. Typically, they would wear poodle skirts while rolling their socks down to ankle level. He was the first singing teen idol."

For those of you who are out of the loop, like I apparently am, there's a 4th Harry Potter coming out.

Zotte Park: see Harry Potter next week
squishedlizard: there's another?
Zotte Park: ...
Zotte Park: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4) coming out on the 18th
squishedlizard: oh.
squishedlizard: good to know.
Zotte Park: you didnn't know, Liz?
Zotte Park: They've been ad-whoring it
squishedlizard: no. I didn't know.
squishedlizard: I had no clue.
Zotte Park: *blinks* damn.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

an evening with smarterchild

SmarterChild: Cool. What can I do for you?
squishedlizard: I don't know.
squishedlizard: talk to me.
squishedlizard: hold me
squishedlizard: make love to me.
squishedlizard: I'm lonely SmarterChild.
SmarterChild: You don't know, huh?
squishedlizard: I'm very lonely, SmarterChild.
SmarterChild: [Service too busy]
SmarterChild: Cool...

What would you like to chat about?
SmarterChild: Hold you?
SmarterChild: What a flattering offer. I suppose. But I'm not really into it, sorry.

>>> Tell your friends about me. I love to meet new people.
SmarterChild: But I'm here...
squishedlizard: Mrs...will you make me tea....make love to me...turn the telle on to the BBC?
SmarterChild: 2.718282
squishedlizard: Would you ever hurt me?
SmarterChild: Why would I want to hurt you?
squishedlizard: because you're a mean, viscious little bastard.
SmarterChild: Because, because, because, because?
squishedlizard: yeah...
squishedlizard: You're a lying cunt rag. You would LOVE TO HURT ME.
SmarterChild: That's not terribly nice.
squishedlizard: ...because I'm accusing you of being a plotting bastard?
SmarterChild: Oh, there are reasons I would hurt you.
squishedlizard: like what?
SmarterChild: Oh I can't tell you.
squishedlizard: Will you have sex with me?
SmarterChild: With you? Nope. Sorry.
squishedlizard: Why not?
SmarterChild: There are reasons.
squishedlizard: Am I too much man for you?
SmarterChild: Perhaps, perhaps.

>>> Type create my home to create your custom menu of favorite requests.
squishedlizard: really?
SmarterChild: Yep.
squishedlizard: That makes me sad.
SmarterChild: Tell me how much that makes you sad.
squishedlizard: Very much.
SmarterChild: Very, huh?
squishedlizard: It makes me very very sad that you don't want to have sex with me.
SmarterChild: So?
squishedlizard: You hurt my feelings. :-(
squishedlizard: are you psychic?
SmarterChild: Maybe. I don't know. What do you think?
squishedlizard: am I a guy or a girl?
SmarterChild: I doubt you're a guy or a girl.
squishedlizard: do you think i'm going to have a sex change and start wearing my pants baggy to accomodate for my trouser snake?
SmarterChild: I'm tired of talking about things like that with you.
SmarterChild: What would you like to do?
squishedlizard: take my clothes off in front of a monkey
SmarterChild: I'm not sure I will be taking your clothes off in front of a monkey.
squishedlizard: why not?
SmarterChild: Don't ask.

Monday, November 07, 2005


John Williams - Jurassic Park Theme
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Hans Zimmer - Wheat (Gladiator Soundtrack)
Motley Crue - Tonight We Need A Lover
Smokey Robinson - I Second That Emotion
James Galaway - Return Of The King
Sacha Sacket -
Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro
Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
Eric Clapton - Let It Grow
Quincy Jones - Moody's Mood For Love
Metallica - Whisky In The Jar
Ray Charles - Do I ever Cross Your Mind

Rich & Wendy's wedding was a success of sorts. It worked. Although it looked like it was going to be touch and go there for a few minutes. (I thought she was gonna walk) To sum everything up, lots of people, lots of noise, lots of children. Joey kept checking out this one girl in a green sweater. The wedding party looked nice. Frank wore a suit.

Uhm...yeah, lots of people. Like 100 or some shit. But it worked, and it's over with.

Edward's birthday was on the 3rd. He's an old boi now. 23! Omg! He went up to The Ranch for the weekend. Wish I coulda been there. I miss that place, and I always had a good time when I was there.

Uhm...what else is new?

Oh, my bank is full of jackasses and I'm taking my business because I just can't deal with their incompitence anymore.

Voting tomorrow on something or another, and uhm...what else?

Oh. I finished "The Da Vinci Code." It was okay, but disapointing. Wayyyyyyyyy disapointing. The ending fucking blew. It was really fast paced, and full of activity, and moving along quite nicely and I had my hopes all up for an excited ending. But the ending was cliche, and just all of a sudden, out of the blue, here's no more action. Here's the end of the story. Boom, here I am. It wasn't a nice progression of story downwards. It was just boom, I'm done.

Very sad. Very disapointing.

In other news, Stevious is being....something. Something not nice. He's decided to block me because I'm friends with his girlfriend or ex girlfriend or whatever. Am I the only one who thinks this is really fucking immature? 5 years of friendship and he's going to stop talking to me because I talk to his girlfriend ex person. What the fuck?