Friday, December 12, 2003

I was laying in bed last night, thinking about what I believe. Out of everything in this world that there is to believe, I have found myself only believing a small portion of it.

I believe that morality is relative. I'm sorry, but I just have a really hard time buying into this whole morality thing.

Morality means to be in accord with standards of right and wrong. Hense the word standard. Standard is what the average is. The most common belief. In this case, the common belief of the general populus. Thus, morality is based upon socital norms. With the progression of time, socital norms change. Therefore, morality is relative. If you keep in mind that the general populus is a bunch of idiots, and that the standards of right and wrong/good and bad are set by them, it's really easy to ignore it. Unless you're an idiot yourself, and then, well, you're fucked.

I don't base my morals upon the socital norms, and what other people think or do, or say. If it's something that hurts someone I love, and/or makes me feel bad, I don't do it. It's very simple.

I believe that perfection is an illusion.

It's just an illusion that we as humans created. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is without flaws. Nothing will ever be perfect. It just is.

I believe that love and expression is the true path to enlightenment.

The path that everybody has been searching so hard for and missing completely even though it's right under their noses. It's always the people in love that are happy. And always the people that express themselves that are happy. And the ones that are in love and express themselves are the happiest of them all.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hm.....painting, painting, painting. Or at least that's what I wish I was doing. I'm at work, though, and taking a break. My boss told me to take a break, so I'm doin' that.

For a while, I've been painting, but I haven't been inspired. I've been painting because if I don't, I go nuts, but I'm not inspired. Or at least I wasn't. I am now. I saw "Pirates of The Caribbean" the other night. I like the movie, and Johnny Depp's character was wonderful. I was surprised I liked the movie, and even more surprised that I found myself wanting to paint afterwards. I didn't get it. So the other day while Edward was in his Western Civ class, I was just surfing the net and stumbled across a picture of Johnny that also inspired me, so...we'll see what happens.

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Yeah, I know I need to update.

I'm taking a bit of a break from work right now, seeing as how I've done 4 clerks books, when I only have to do 4 for the entire day, and I've scanned and bookmarked today's & yesterday's papers.

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