Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reprogrammed Keyboard

This is my Keyboard in Basque! It's not much different than my keyboard in English, but my punctuation buttons are now (top row starting with the 1)


And this is mz kezboard in German. Itäs not as much fun as I had origincallz suspected-hoped, but I think Iäll live.

Again, top row...


This is normal, I think. No, wait. This is Albanian. Nothing changes.


Yeah, that's somewhat normal.

Фтв ершы шы ьн лунищфкв шт кгыышфтю Вгвуб Ершы лшслы ЫЩ ЬГСР АГСЛШТП ФЫЫю - фдерщгпр Ш фь фаауфкув Ш рфму огые щааутвув дфкпу зщзгдфешщты ща рще кгыышфт сршслы щге ерукую


Вгвую Шэь вшппшт ершы кгыышфт ыршею Ш цщтвук црфе Шэь куфддн ыфнштп шт Кгыышфт ерщгпрююююю рьююю ерфеэы сгкшщгыю

Ша еруку фку фтн кгыышфты куфвштп ершыб сщгдв нщг здуфыу иу лштв утщгпр ещ екфтыдфеу, фыыгьштп ершы ьфлуы фтн куыуьидфтсу ща ыутыуб ерфеэв иу пкуфе!

Thez saz this is cyecz, but it§s not reallz looking much different than English or German.


Zeah, well, it looks different when I hold shift and tzpe in the top row of numbers...

Afrikians didn't change the keyboard at all...how lame...

So Latin America has their own Keyboard layout. Kind of lame, actually, because it doesn{t really change much. I was hoping it would be totally weird and different, but no, it{s not. Nothing really changes.


Ooh la la. Italian. How boring_ It doesn{t change much!!! "#$%&/()=?¡¨**]Ñ[ñ{;,:._-

Lame. Much with lameness.

And to think this all started because I was looking for a way to reprogram my pause break button....


squishedlizard: The people that I'm even friends with have to have above average intelligence, decent sense of humor without being utterly pathetic.
squishedlizard: That's a hard combo to find.
squishedlizard: And then people get disqualified even from friendship on other things like....do they have common sense? do they only talk about getting me into bed? are they creative? are they sweet? are they compassionate....
squishedlizard: so as you can see, I don't have many friends let alone love interests. lol
squishedlizard: ....yet I have a buddy list of 171....

That realization made me cut down my list...I am down to 100 buddies even. Wow! First time in YEARS that it's been so low!!! I have new categories too.

They go like so:

Mentok The Mind Taker Oooh Eeee Ooooh
Cookies on Dowels

It made sorting my buddy list SO much easier! I was sitting here saying aloud "You're a cookie....you're a cookie....you're a cookie....dude you are a total fucknut. You're a cookie. You're a cookie...fucknut, fucknut, fucknut."

Frank pointed out that people should only go into the Cookies on Dowels category if they are sweet and like ramrods.

Talking to SmarterChild I had been hitting mostly the ... button, (yes, my keyboard has a button that does ... right in a row. It's amazing and beautiful. I love it, love it, love it. It's right in between printscreen and pause break)


Yes, the exploit isn't finished...

squishedlizard: llllll
SmarterChild: "llllll"? Have you heard of Mavis Beacon? She could help you.
squishedlizard: are you a porn goddess?
SmarterChild: Let's see... Am I a porn goddess? I might be.
squishedlizard: really? so is that a yes or no?
SmarterChild: Yes or no? Why does it have to be one or the other?
squishedlizard: Because it's a yes or no question.
SmarterChild: Hmm... I guess I'll say yes.

Monday, October 17, 2005


So in the GED class I was reading a piece of paper about the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. I started laughing, and that's because I came up with this:

Oh, fyi, the Pythagorian theorem states: In any right triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse (the side of the triangle opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares on the other two sides.

Now what I said:

Pythagoras must have been fucking thrilled when he discovered his theorem works. *insert voice of Roger from "American Dad" and flamboyant hand motion* "Oh....my....Gods....It works! Wow! I can't believe it fucking works! See if I'm impious now you rotten bastards! Where's a boy? I need to celebrate!"