Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The cool, windy, and electrically soothing weather from last night plesantly carried over to the morning hours, making the start of the day relaxing and passionate in a surreal sort of way. It's a good day. A very good day. My mood has been increased, as well as my energy, and my mind is thankfully cleared. The trivial and confusing preoccupations that take up so much of my time have been kind enough to heal, cure themselves of their ailments, and provide me with a whole new set of preoccupations that come with such devistantly beautiful thoughts. Partly due to the brisk winds, and forgiving lightening of last night, and also due to a true sense of serenity, or in the very least, a tempermental peace of mind that comes and goes with the fleeting wind. Peace of mind is a feeling I have never quite mastered, never quite cared for, but miss when it is no longer gracing my mind with it's presence.

Current Mood: good
Current Music: Chocolat Soundtrack