Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I'm back...at least for the time being.

I apologize for my lack of updates. I have been busy/stressed/tired/sick/hung over --you name it.

This past month has been eventful. I am back in college. Philosophy & Western Civ II are my current classes. I'm working as much as I can stand, and the rest of my time goes towards staying sane. The philosophy class is good. I like the teacher. I had him for Logic last semester. Sweet man, and he makes the class enjoyable. There are, however, quite a lot of stupid people in there.....but nothing that can be done about that I suppose.

January 29th I went to the Alex Maryol / Bo Diddly concert. It was awesome. I have never seen Alex play live, and he is very good. Very, very, very good. Before I was just like, "Hey, You're a sweet guy, smart AND a good musician." Now it's like, "Wow. You're amazing."

I was hanging out at Oasis at one point durring this month and I got into a conversation with an artist friend of mine, Gregory Lomayesva, and the end result was me being inspired...and determined, to get into an art gallery by my next birthday. My art has been getting better. I do see improvement in my work. I'm very pleased. Yesterday I bought some skin-tones, black, and white, charcoals/soft pastels. I'm working on this color thing. I'm very bad at painting people in color as I see them. My colors aren't as extreme as, say....lime green. I preffer to do black and white personally. My people are getting better. Johnny Depp....well, he just turned out well...I'm very proud. I'll have to get a scan of that painting to display for all my lovely readers.

I've been writing a lot. Mostly morbid/depressing/meloncholy poetry, but I have been writing and that's what matters. A lot about death....and heartaches, and tears...and demon wings even. I'm very fond of writing about demon wings. They make me happy. j/p :P

Happy Birthday to Dad....January 29th...

Happy birthday to Mom....January 30th...

In any event.....that's basically what's going on with me....I'm going to go now, however, because my hands are very cold to the point that I can't really feel my fingers.

How's New York?

Current Mood: happy