Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Don't be consumed, Liz."

I try not to, I really do. I really honestly do try. I have been doing things that are good for me, good for me to be doing...the things that bring me serenity, calm passions, and tranquil dreams. Dreamscapes, endless dreamscapes haunting my head, filling my mind and spirit. This has been weighing on my heart heavily for quite a while. I know not where it comes from, only that it shall keep me in my frozen worlds. Please dearest, I want to drop it. I want to drop all of it. I want to leave them, it, all... all of it. Our shadows awake each morn'...mine awakens to the irregular beating of my heart, with the soft sunlight beaming softly through my window. I don't know why. I desire to take it away, all of it, and whimsically flit from passion to direction, no thought. I desire, and long to erase my thought. We have a logical mind, and an emotional mind, but there is one more...the intuition...the immediate cognition. Intuition and emotion are very similar. Closely related. I wish to shut off my logical mind that is forever contradiciting my intuition.

Beyond myself, somewhere, I wait for my arrival." ~Octavio Paz
Current Mood: good