Friday, April 16, 2004

My god that's creepy... It's about 1:33am, and I'm really bored, so I'm online... I'm sitting here, and I went to I sat there staring at the little text box for a moment, and then I typed in a coworkers name. As a result, I ended up with his email address, which is creepy enough. Then I typed in my name, and my handle, and there was so much shit about me out there. I found:

My website
Links to my website
My poems
My drawings
My posts on the Mazda forum
A post in a girl's guestbook

Very weird....

Sunday, April 11, 2004

So I went to Lindrith this weekend. It was beautiful, as always. It's this little "town" up in the middle of no where, and it has all these wonderful canyons and hills and rocks everywhere. There's TREES THERE TOO!! I love trees! I miss trees...ever since I moved here, I've missed tall trees.

My friends family just bought a ranch up there, so I have a reason to go. It's 2.5 hours north of here, and just amazingly beautiful, serene, peaceful... I do some of my best artwork there. I just feel so creative.

I just had a poem published in a book called, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." It's a colaborative poetry book by teens in New Mexico. It was published by Sunstone Press.

Current Mood: weird