Saturday, April 30, 2005


I'm sorry for the lack of updates!!! I have been training at my office for the past 2 weeks, and it's been somewhat intense. I haven't had a full 24 hours away from here in about 2 weeks, maybe even more. All the days seem to run together any more. My apologies to anybody who's been expecting updates and then disapointed.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Police Notes....

An intersting thing I came across in the Police Notes tonight:

A 1992 Ford Ranger pickup was stolen Wednesday from the intersection of N.M. 4 and N.M. 502.

If your vehicle is in the intersection, aren't you usually in the vehicle in said intersection?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Frank's birthday

Frank's birthday is coming up. I got him something strange, and each day he gets a hint. So far the hint list looks like:

It has parts.
It has metal parts.
It has stops to make before it gets to him.
It has nothing to do with little green men.
It's lickable.
It comes in a box.
It could throw out the old man's back if he picked it up too quickly.
Parts can be considered radioactive.
And it has to do with Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin.

You're allowed to place guesses!!! This list will grow every day until May 14th.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I write not so much because I want to, but because I feel as though I have to. If I don't write every day, I feel as though I'm going a little bit mad. When I write, or paint, or draw, I get this out. This, being whatever is building up inside of me. There are all these thoughts, and all these words, and dreams, and ideas. Once I get them out, I can move on. Or that's the idea, anyway.

I can write almost anywhere, and for that, I feel as though I am blessed. But I do my best writing in Mortonian fashon.* Baggy red satin pj pants, and my binary t-shirt, clashes nicely with my fleece-snowflake bathrobe, but it's comfortable nonetheless. I write best when it's dark out.....late at night, and I sit in front of the old windows 98 computer in the living room, with a cup of tea, and my bathrobe, and I write. On a good night, I'll write in my blog, and in my work in progress (or my WIP as it's affectionately been dubbed), but sometimes, I'll just write in one or the other.

My goal is to write a bit every day. And it doesn't matter too entirely much what I write it in. I think faster than I can write, and my words don't flow the same when they're being written down on the page with a pen, as they do when they're being typed out.

*By "Mortonian Fashion," I am refering to Morton Rainey from Stephen King's Secret Window. Morton Rainey is a blocked writer who's mind is falling apart faster than the disheveled bathrobe that he spends 60% of the movie in.

Ron Jeremy Pornstar Portrait

So in Hastings yesterday, found this book called "XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits." The book itself was kind of strange, but also a little interesting.

It would have a picture of a pornstar fully clothed, and then on the next page, the start would be in the exact same position, but naked. There were several celebrities in this book. Including Jenna Jameson, and Seymore Butts.

Ron Jeremy (see right) had his portrait in this book. On the page with his clothes on, he looked as though he's trying not to crack up.

When he's naked, he has this "I'm going to kill you" look in his eyes.

Much like the way he looks throughout the entire role he plays in The Boondock Saints.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

What sound does a doggie make?

Trebek: "What sound does a doggie make"for 800...

Sean Connery: Moo

Trebek: I'm sorry thats not the answer

Sean Connery: Well it's the sound your mother made last night!

Trebek: ... we would have accepted Bow Wow Or Ruff Ruff

Sean Connery: Ah, Rough just like your mother likes it eh, Trebek?


The Lensic, a theatre here, shows movies on some Friday nights. I have the ticket for Raiders of the Lost Ark, which showed this past Friday. On the back of the ticket it says in bright red font,

"Warning: You are at your own risk with respect to dangers incidental to this event, whether occuring prior to, during, or after the event. Including specifically, (but not exclusivly) the dangers of being hit with hockey pucks."

On Writing

My most recent book investment has been On Writing by Stephen King. While more of a memoir, I have found parts of the book to be somewhat motivational. I frequently write, and a lot of times, I have found myself lacking in the enthusiam department when it comes to what I am working on.

Pieces of the book that have helped have really just been reminders that no matter how hard it is, or how frusterated you are, don't give up the writing because frusterations will add to the work, and allow it to grow and change.

I try to remind myself of this frequently. But I know, somewhere inside, that I don't have to push the writing. That it just happens, and when it disappears, it will return when it's ready.


"Iron the dress" she told me. "Make sure to get all the wrinkles."

Granma used to use one of those old heavy irons, that was actually made of iron. She'd heat it on the stove, and then sprinkle water on the clothes, and then press them smooth. The iron was so heavy, I could barely lift it with my weak 6 year old arms.

She used to tell me stories, while we were ironing, about how her Mom would use the iron 30 years ago, and iron out clothes just the same way as she did.