Friday, November 21, 2003

Mmmmmmmmm. I want cherry pie. And onion rings....

"Like... like the wind... and the clouds... and... the bells... and what about that sword lying in the field... that was a sign...!"

"No. That was a sword in a field."

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hey, baby. Youre Agent Smith!!! You are TOTALLY
slinkster and I dig you like hell!!! GO YOU!!!
You've got mad power skills and you're not
human... How cool is that?!?!?!
And, um, by the way....

Will you marry me???

Which Matrix Character Are You?
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I think it's over
Definately over
Now that this game is over, how?

I think it's gone
Definately gone
Now that you see you're wrong

But it's now that you're gone
You don't care you're wrong
But it's definately over

I think it hurts
Hurts when the tears start
Not like it matters now,
You're gone

Please take my hand now
and watch the world crash down
from my roof top see it burn

But it all just a game
The end of us and the world

I think it's a dream
Definately a dream
But it's definately over

But I still cry
And the world still burns
Tears of weakness are mine and earned

But it's definately over...

(note: This is NOT about somebody. It just is.)

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Last night I bought "Kurt Cobain: Journals." It's pretty good. His handwriting sucked, and so did his grammer, but he seemed to have been a reasonably smart guy, and he wasted it, so to speak. He had talent, obviously, but he also had a good brain that he could have done something with, and didn't. Such a shame. And now he's gone, so we don't even have the music anymore.

Although it seems that the only real way for a rock band to remain good, is for the lead singer to kill himself. Look at Alice In Chains? Because of Layne's death, they just broke up and never had the chance to get bad. Same goes for Nirvana.

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