Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy Evil Merry New Year!

So, my New Year wasn't wonderful, but it was sweet. I enjoyed myself, as much as I wasn't expecting to. Edward and I went to Scott's party. Scott has a beautiful house with a great view of the mountains. I would love to get to spend a day up there outside painting, and painting, and painting. I can actually think of very few things I would rather spend a Saturday doing. The view of the mountains is just incredible. Painters View as Edward put it.

For Christmas I recieved a $25 giftcard from Jon to Michael's Arts & Crafts store. With it, I bought 17 brushes, a blue jar to keep my brushes in, 2 palatte knives, and 5 ink cartrages for my fountain pen. My total came to $25.42. Very happy. I GOT 17 NEW BRUSHES!!! Go me! lol

Anyways, I also got a bunch of canvas for Christmas. I used one of them trying to learn how to use my palatte knives. It is a very interesting technique; a skill that I have yet to acquire apparently!

I have to buy some more paints. I have been letting Edward's little sister Emily use some of my paints, which has turned out to be a bit of a mistake seeing as how she is wasteful. I'm glad that she is showing an interest in art though, but not too entirely glad that she's wasting my paints!

So, New Year's was good. My heart got fucked up in the middle of it though, so I didn't enjoy myself as much as I had hoped. Actually, I ended up downstairs laying on a bed, and then fell asleep after shaking almost violently for a few minutes. A lot of good conversations were had--Something I've always enjoyed about parties. The conversations.

*shrug* Anyway, I'm leaving work now in a few minutes. Hopefully, I'm going to go to Baking Co, and get some yummy Chicken Veggie soup, and then possibly spend the afternoon in Aztec. But we'll see how it goes.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

As part of my job, I scan the county clerks books. Mostly mortgages, but every once in a while, I get a death certificate. No matter how behind I am, I always stop to read it. They're usually boring. Cancer paitents, or old age. Yesterday, I got a death certificate for somebody who died of luekemia (did I spell that right?). About a month ago, I stumbled across one for a 25-year old man who blew his brains out. "Cause Of Death: Gunshot wound to the head." They had a picture attached to it, and the entire back of his head was missing. A few days ago, I had a death certificate for this man who was working on his car, and it fell on him. "Cause of death: Severe weight on chest" Attached to the death certificate was a statement by the coroner saying that he just had a small shit-hole apartment on the nuclear waste side of town. He had no money, no children, no wife, and no family to speak of. Following the death certificate was a hospital lien saying that they spent over $200,000 trying save him, and they wanted their money no matter what.

Christmas was good. I wanted to spend the day with Mom, but she lied and told me that she was going to be out of town. So I spent the day with Edward and his family. It was nice. I called Ken and my grandmother. She wasn't there though, but she called me later. During the course of our conversation, she had told me that Mom didn't go anywhere for Christmas, and never had any plans to.

So I'm a little annoyed.

Christmas came and went, thankfully. And it went well. There wasn't any snow, but it's New Mexico, and we hardly ever get snow. I'm slowly growing used to the idea of not having snow. I miss it though. I like snow. I like the gloom that comes with it. It's really the gloom that I miss more than anything.

So, tonight is New Year's. I have no clue what I'm doing. I felt like wearing my torn jeans though because they're comfy, but I had to come into work for half a day, and I can't wear them here. I do have my Jack Skellington hair chopsticks with me though, and that's a comforting thought. I love my job, but I would really like to have a job where I can dress as I please and express myself creatively. Until I own my coffee shop, that probably won't happen.

Jon & Susanne's apartment is almost done. The company converted the upstairs of the warehouse into an apatment for them so there's always somebody at the warehouse. Some form of security if you will. With everything that's been going on, Edward and I have been thinking about what kind of house we want at some time in our lives. Preferbly, I'd like to call up Tim Burton and ask him to design the interior decorations for the place. If I have my way, I'll have a big house in some quiet European country, and the staircase from Edward Scissorhands, the fireplace from Bettlejuice as the door frames. I'd be very happy there. I want a big room for my books, and another big room just for my painting. You see, this will all be happening when I am rich and successful, so I'll be able to afford this kind of thing.

I'd like to start my coffee shop in a quiet Baroque European country. I have been planning it for a long time, and I have a location picked out in Prague, Old Town. However, I'll probably end up in France somewhere, I don't know why, but I just have that feeling. My coffee shop would work better in France though since I am going to name it Bastille's Coffee Emporium. It's a reference to Bastille's Day and the fall of Bastille's Fortress. The reason it all started to begin with is because this young man went to a cafe and stood up on a table giving a powerful speech which left people speaking of the revelution. 2 days later, Bastille's Fortress was stormed, and fell. The name of my place is in refference to how the revolution started, but I'm not sure if the French will see it that way. If I'm in France when I start this place, people might be very mad at me and there will be a lot of anger because I named a coffee shop after Bastille's Fortress. And that wouldn't be good because I don't need people trying to burn down my coffee shop.

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