Tuesday, October 21, 2003

"Had a very shiny nose...and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows....all of the other raindeer....used to laugh and call him names (like pinochioo) they wouldn't let poor Rudolf, join in any raindeer games (like monopoly)..."

My work is next to a piano school, and somebody next door is doing a very bad rendintion of "Rudolf." It makes me want to go play it, and play it better, just for the hell of it....okay...yes, I'm bored. It's after 5pm, and I clocked out at 5:15. I usually work from 9-6, but I worked through lunch today so I could leave at 5 to study for my exam tomorrow. --It's in Logic & Critical Thinking. An example of what we do in that class:

All L are S
Therefore, No S are non-L

The teacher writes that out on the board, and then we solve that. Basically, using what we've learned so far, we try to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Yes, believe it or not, there is actually a method to the way these are done. Answers are usually along the lines of: "The premise is a true A. Conclusion is a false E, but it's negated. So convert, obvert, contrary....No...that won't work....what else?" Sure, it might sound simple to you now, but it's really kind of confusing when you are in class trying to figure out how that happened. They're kind of fun...the most interesting thing we've done in class so far, but it's very time consuming.

In any event, I'm doing some reading up on the Toyota Celica while I'm waiting for Edward to arrive. I want a 2004 Silver (Or maybe black...) Celica GTS with the 6 speed manual transmission! *stupid grin* That car makes me happy. I love driving it, and a 6 speed manual transmission would just be fun. I like manuals, but I haven't driven one in a very long time, so I would want to practice on an old piece of shit car...or maybe a rental car....so I don't ruin the clutch on the Celica. See the Celica Specs! It makes me happy.....*sigh*.....

Current Mood: horny
Current Music: "Rudolf The Red Nosed Raindeer"