Saturday, April 23, 2005


I found the southpark character creator...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

fucking catholics

German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican's hard-line enforcer of church orthodoxy under John Paul II for almost 25 years, had gone into the two-day conclave in the Sistine Chapel as one of the favorites. He emerged Tuesday as the new spiritual leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics, the oldest pontiff in 275 years and the first Germanic pope in almost a millennium.

squishedlizard: you know we have a new pope, right?
Lieb Almighty: i'm well aware
squishedlizard: fucking catholics
Lieb Almighty: i go to catholic school lets get serious
squishedlizard: oh, yeah, you do.
Lieb Almighty: this guys an asshole
Lieb Almighty: i said that in theology and got yelled at
squishedlizard: lol
Lieb Almighty: he was like "you don't know anything"
squishedlizard: what'd you say?
squishedlizard: I probably would have been like "Well, we're in a fucking school, so why don't you teach me."
squishedlizard: if he's old enough, he might die soon.
Lieb Almighty: i'm like "i know enough to know this guy has a reputatiion for enforcing catholic doctrine"
Lieb Almighty: and he's like "thats a good thing"
squishedlizard: NO IT'S NOT.
squishedlizard: god.
Lieb Almighty: and i was like "not for people who aren't catholics"
squishedlizard: fucking brainwashed lemmings.
Lieb Almighty: i know

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I love KeyHole. Totally awesome. Right now, I'm looking at places in Italy from the satillite image! :-)

I, a few minutes ago, looked at my grandfather's house, and it's the exact fucking house. With the right car out front and everything. HOW COOL?! Lovin' it!

A Palestinian man, right, crosses for work at a checkpoint as an Israeli soldier looks on between the isolated Palestinian village of Al-Mawasi and the Gush Katif Jewish settlement block in the southern Gaza Strip, early Sunday, April 17, 2005. Many of the Palestinian villagers, who are cut off from other Palestinian areas in the Gaza Strip, work in the Jewish settlement areas. (AP Photo/Baz Ratner)