Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I just registered for the next semester. I don't think I can handle more than 6 credit hours because I'll be working a lot, so I'm only going to do 2 classes.

Developmental Psychology and The Gothic American Novel.

Edward's boss Jon just called and asked if he wanted a playstation 1, so I'm looking at games for them. You can get Gran Turismo 2 for PS1, and The Italian Job for PS1.

"London 1969, Charlie Croker has just finished a three year stretch, courtesy of Her Majesty’s Prisons, and has been offered a new job by Mr. Bridges: to steal 4,000,000 dollars in gold bullion, right from under the noses of the Mafia...." --Well that makes me happy. They're using the original Italian Job.

And they have a South Park Racing Game...must be kind of fun.

Current Mood: creative

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

As darkness came
to hold the world,
In it’s dark embrace,
Out of the shadows,
Stepped a dark mage.

A vampire demon
in disguise
A leader not
yet recognized.

He lifted his hand,
And beckoned me to follow,
An unforeseen path
In the shadows

While wandering this
meandering path
In the labyrinth
of the dark mage

My mind wandered
Elsewhere back into
The old days

Deeper into the darkness
Lead by this peculiar mage
Thoughts lingered silently
The ones I knew would ne’er
Be written on a page.

Ahead in the distance,
loomed a grotto
And to it’s left,
Stood a crypt.

Both were incongruously
Tranquil in the night’s soft mist

Mage in his cape,
Standing so still….
And I with my morbid stance
Lurked on that hill.

In the blink of an eye,
The mage was gone
Back to his own dominion
Where he would do nothing but wrong

Towards the crypt
I started to saunter
All the while,
I continued to ponder.
I brooded o’er
The possibilities that
Wandered in and out
of my mind.

What shall I find?
Whom shall I find?
Will the mage suddenly appear?

The wrought iron door
Swung open with ease
And what I found
was sure to please.

Darkness inside.
Gloomy & dank.
Just the way I like it!
And I silently thanked the dark mage.

“Tonight’s the feast”
whispered a raspy voice

“What feast?” I inquired…
not sure with whom I was conversing.
I saw a coffin, and on top,
perched a small black bat with blood red eyes.

“The feast of all saints” came the response.
“Follow the magus. Follow the magus”
As quickly as he disappeared before,
He was back and beckoned once again.

Into the cemetery followed I
A soft rain lightly falling,
Total darkness enclosed us.
No moon. No star. No light.

He lead me behind the crypt
And behind a dilapidated church.
There laid the remains.
Bodies. Man, woman & child

Scattered about,
thrown in piles
As someone enjoyed
every minute of it all.

There stood I, expressionless
Watching someone drink her fill.
She turned to me, and dropped the man.
Asked if I wanted a taste.

I walked forward,
Inexpressive still was I.
Closer I got, I could feel her breath
Cold as the night air.

The angelus rang,
And it all was gone.
The bodies. The mage.
The vampire and all.

My lurking self, turned away
No expression still touching my face.
All I wanted, was to
Stay in this place.

Leisurely overhead
Flew that bat
Whom calmly states,
“Here ends the feast of all saints.”

Current Mood: gloomy
Hours pass
Days pass
Time in my mind
Stands still
Light fades to dark
And darkness fills
My secret heart forbidden
As I lay here
Fading into a darker shade of something
Once more the sun devoured the moon
I fill my days
With my neurotic ways
Seconds slip by
Hours pass
Night comes at last
And I’m fading
Into this
Darker shade of something

Current Mood: gloomy