Saturday, February 25, 2006 this dude is fucking psycho.

Friday, February 24, 2006

women are evil

Interestingly enough, I walked into a gas station last night and just started shooting the shit w/ Mike and Frank. This guy came in there ranting about how women are horrible, and the worse addiction on the face of the planet. They're evil, and make his life miserable. "If I stuck with pot instead of pussy, I'd be fucking lonely. I'd be spending a lot of time waxing the willy, but dude, I'd be as high as a fucking kite and I'd be happy because I wouldn't have some bitch trying to fuck it all up."


Well I thought I was going to Boston this weekend, but plans changed, and all things considered, it's just fucking easier not to go. I'm not really too upset about it either because it made my night a *lot* less stressful not to go up there. It's really kind of cool if you think about it in those terms.

I'm feeling better to the point where I think I can skate, so I think I'm going to go do that for a couple hours tonight with my bro. I'm not entirely sure though. I feel really weak right now. Very tired. I only got 4 hours of sleep. For the past few days this week I've woken up at 8:30, wide the fuck awake. I look at the clock and think "what the fuck am I doing awake right now?!....fuck this" and I go back to bed. Well yeah, that woulda been cool today, but 9:30, after I had done this, my granmother walks in with the phone. It's my doctor's office, calling to confirm my apointment for Tuesday.

I sleep naked. I get off the phone w/ them, and I get out of bed to take it back to the kitchen and in walks my granma, and she basically just stands there chatting with me while I'm walking around my room naked trying to find my bathrobe.

It could have been worse. It could have been Joe, Frank, Rich, Dad, or....well, a lot of people. At least it's my granmother, but fuck. It was kind of rude to just stand there and stare at me while I'm naked.

omg my night got so much better

I had an obnoxious fucking night with work, and using Stumble Upon, I found this site that has rants about things that really happened to this guy while he was working tech support. It made me much happier.

Tech Support: "Yeah, just go to our website it's at www.[our company].com...yeah, three w's, then a dot, then [our company], then a dot then 'com'...yeah, that's right. . . . What do you mean, how do you spell 'dot'?"

I work for a small ISP. One day I received a phone call from a very angry customer who switched to us from another provider. He had problems installing our software. It took a long time to walk him through fixing the problems, because he had no computer skills (even though he was a programmer for the last 30 years) and rarely did what I asked him to.

I thought I actually made him happy until he asked me to change his Yahoo username and password. He assumed that since we provide access to the web page that we must control it as well. To this day I still hear that he calls in from time to time to yell at other techs because they won't change his Yahoo username and password.

Emailed to the owner of this web page:

I got here by some nefarious route. I was trying to get to [an email address] or other similar sites. I distinctly dislike being hijacked in cyberspace to see something I did not ask to see. If this happens again I will make a formal complaint to my local federal district attorney. Thank you. Do not do this again.

Two students, who had spent the better part of their class hour bragging about their computer skills, were becoming increasingly frustrated while browsing the Internet. They were trying to access a site that didn't exist, but they were absolutely convinced the trouble was something else.

  • Student #1: "The damn keyboard locked up again!!!"

Actually, a page was loading.

  • Student #2: "Here, you have to pull the wires out." (yanks network wires out of the back) "When that happens, just pull those wires out and shove 'em back in. Does it work now?"
  • Student #1: "No, it says, 'Reading File...Done.'"
  • Student #2: "Oh, ok...that means your keyboard server is down. There's nothing you can do about it."

I'm a high school senior. One day, we were partnered with another class to do an Internet project. Web site design is a hobby of mine, so I happily displayed one of my pages to my partner in Internet Explorer. My partner, in a vain attempt to scare me or tease me or something, highlighted all the text on the web page and threatened to delete it.

A friend of mine just bought a new computer and asked me to show him how to download programs off the web. The poor guy is completely clueless with anything computer related. I showed him a couple of the more popular sites and started a download. While waiting, I made the comment about how slow telephone access can be. He sat there staring at the paper sheet icon move between the world and folder icons for a few moments, and then said: "Well if you move the folder closer to the Earth, then the program won't have so far to travel, and it'll download faster." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ha I love life.

A man creates a hydrogen bomb for the paranoid Soviet Union. He makes sure it works, and later on in life wins a Nobel Peace Prize. This is the late physicist Andrei Sakharov. He won the Nobel Prize in '75 for demanding a halt to the testing of weapons, AFTER he had tested his. His wife was a pediatrician. What sort of person could perfect a hydrogen bomb while being married to a child specialist? What kind of doctor would stay with a mate that cracked? "Anything interesting happen at work today honey?" "Yeah, my bomb is doing just great. How are you doing with that kid with chicken pox?"