Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year

Merry New Year to everybody!

Auto response from Grant: I dont really know who i am right now, i'm lost and confused and i keep forgetting my name, uh.... going to do more drugs. - My friends amuse me. He randomly IM'd me and told me how he just went on a journey in his head and it was a dream, and WOW! "lol. Grant are you on shrooms?" "Yea...we're gonna go watch star wars now."

Went out to a party last night. There are photos. Had some drama that didn't need to be had, but it's all good. ^_^ I hate to use that phrase, but it's kinda apropos. Everything's better. I'm not sure how many beers I had to be perfectly honest. I think I was pretty wasted. I didn't feel sick or anything like that, but the room kept feeling like it was spinning when I laid down. I felt like I was on a boat. It was kinda weird.

Midnight rolled around and we all started a waterfall. Played asshole for hours....I didn't play a single game of circle of death though. So that's kind of shocking. No, wait, did I? I don't remember.... I'm out of it, and need to crash.


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